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Are you paying too much for home care?

Some 73 percent of seniors and their families who receive paid home care to help with their daily tasks said they were satisfied with the care and thought it was a good value for the money. However, a recent study by Home Instead Senior Care found that many people don’t know how affordable home care can be, and 40 percent overestimated the cost by more them $6 per hour. The actual average per-hour cost paid by 70 percent of those surveyed was $17.10 per hour. Those who don’t receive care overestimated the costs of $24.67 an hour for basic companionship…

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Are You Going To Pay For Your Mother’s Nursing Home Bill?

A senior entered a nursing home for rehabilitation following a car crash. After she left the nursing home, the $93,000 bill at the home was left unpaid.  She had applied for Medicaid, which would normally pay the bill if she couldn’t. However, the Medicaid application did not get approved in enough time to satisfy the nursing home, and it sued her son for the bill, states Forbes Magazine. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, like 29 others in our country, has something called a “filial responsibility law”.  Those laws require that spouses, children and even parents of needy adults support the indigent. …

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Making Life Your Parent’s a Little More Livable

Are you watching your aging parents get frustrated with simple tasks? When you stop to visit, struggling with routines? You know that living aids are available –  bathtub handles, portable urinals, and the like – but perhaps you weren’t aware of some products, little things that can make life easier, less frustrating, and more livable. We aren’t reccommending any of these, or suggesting one brand above another. We’re just hoping that in looking these items over, you may find that certain something that will ease pain, simplify routine, or give a sense of security that you thought was long gone….

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Finding Good home Care for Your Aging Parent.

Many people are now finding themselves placed in a new role of caregiver for an aging parent or loved one. Naturally, you want to provide the very best living environment for your aging parent, but there may come a time when you just can’t do it alone. If you want to make sure your parent can continue safely living at home, in home care may be the perfect answer for your family, prior to moving to an assisted living facility or a nursing home. So, how do you find the right professional in-home care for your aging loved one? When…

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Veteran’s daughter is providing services to Veteran: talking to physicians, employees at the assisted living facility, paying all bills etc can she be paid?

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