Five Reasons Why It’s Important to Talk to Elder Law Attorney, David Wingate

1. David Wingate concentrates his practice exclusively on estate planning and elder issues
Not only is it important to have an elder law attorney who understands the technical part of the law, it’s also critical to have an attorney who understands the emotional aspects.  David’s calling to elder law started in the late 90’s when his grandfather fell and ended up in a nursing home. David tried to find answers to basic questions. What options were available? How do I find good nursing home care? How am I going to pay for the nursing home? However, nothing was available. Consequently, he founded the law office to help others eliminate their stress, fear and uncertainties dealing with these issues.

2. David Wingate knows what government programs are available to you
In this day and age, it’s difficult for any general practice attorney to know all there’s to know about the law. Government benefits i.e. VA, Medicare and Medicaid are very complex. Therefore, it’s important that you deal with an attorney who works in elder law.  David Wingate knows how to help you protect your assets and obtain those benefits.

3. David Wingate can help protect your life’s savings
No matter the size of your estate, you worked hard to earn it. When selecting an attorney, be sure that he or she is knowledgeable on asset protection strategies so your assets will be preserved for your family. In response to the nursing home “taking” all of your  assets, David Wingate has developed asset protection strategies, including the Family Trust Plus.™

4. David Wingate understands how to avoid probate
For many clients, one of the most important concerns, in the event of their death, is that they desire to avoid probate. There are many ways to accomplish this, ranging from simple beneficiary designations to gifting strategies to trust planning and so on.  With David Wingate’s plan you can structure your assets so probate will be avoided.

5. David Wingate knows the value of a dollar
One of the biggest gripes people have in dealing with legal professionals is that they feel like they are “on the clock” and will be charged extra for every question they ask or every time they pick up the phone.  David Wingate works on a flat fee basis.  He will tell you to the penny exactly what will be involved and what the cost will be.  That way you can be a smart consumer and get the most for your dollar, while making sure that things are handled in the most appropriate manner. If you or a loved one has dementia, Parkinson’s disease, concern about the well-being of your family or simply aging, the ability to make financial and healthcare decisions may decrease over time.