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More Americans Are Aging in Place. Can Towns and Cities Adapt?

The graying of the American homeowner is upon us. The question is: Will communities be ready for the challenges that come with that? The number of households headed by someone age 70 or older will surge by 42 percent from 2015 to 2025, according to a report on the state of housing released last month by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University (JCHS). The Harvard researchers note that a majority of those households will be aging in place, not downsizing or moving to retirement communities. That will have implications for an array of support services people will…

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Sometimes the annual trek to the family homestead can bring more stress than joy for adults with elderly, disabled or chronically-ill parents.

“The holiday season is the time when many adults are forced to confront the reality of parents’ declining health,” says David Wingate, an elder care attorney.

Great Holiday Gift For You, Your Loved Ones, and Your Kids

I recently met with Susan McGinnis of "A Life Well Lived." What a wonderful gift you could give someone for the holidays. They help you define and organize which gifts you would like to create, as a lasting memory of all you loved in life. Something you can be proud to pass on.  They help you pull from your archives the information, (words, feelings, photos, video, music whatever) and turn these mementoes into a lasting legacy.

Photographer Captures the Beauty of Elderly Animals

While caring for both of her aging parents, Philadelphia-based photographer Isa Leshko made a conscious decision not to photograph her family. But about a year later, while visiting a friend’s farm, she found herself drawn to an elderly horse. Since then, she has captured dozens of animals in their winter years, including farm animals, horses and dogs. Some of them are factory farm rescues; others beloved pets. Many of the animals passed away shortly after Leshko photographed them. Although Leshko says the project originally began as a form of self-therapy, it evolved into “Elderly Animals,” a traveling photography exhibition that…

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Warning signs When Visiting Your Aging Parents

The holidays are approaching. Many adult children will spend time with their elder loved ones. Many are traveling near or far, but these visits oftentimes reveal that their loved one is struggling. Here are some warning signs, what many in the business call "red flags" such as the following: 1. Environment: Does it looked maintained or is it in disrepair? Is trash accumulating? Does it smell of urine or feces? 2. Food: Is there adequate food? Any spoiled food present? Do you notice weight loss or do you suspect that your loved one is skipping meals or not eating a…

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Tips for taking stock of your parents’ health

A recent report in the Wall Street Journal suggests the following tips for taking stock of your parents’ health – and recommends that, if faced with dementia or Alzheimer’s symptoms or signs of waning physical health, family members contact a professional geriatric care manager to get help creating a customized care plan. 1. Medical needs Get a sense of your aging parents’ physical and mental health, either by accompanying them to doctor’s appointments or requesting their permission to review medical records. Consider a consultation or full assessment with a geriatric care manager to go over possible health risks and lifestyle…

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Will Your Children Pay For your Nursing Home Care?

The sandwich generation could soon be further squeezed. Already caught between spiraling college tuition and care for aging family members, baby boomers could also become liable for their parents’ bills. This on top of worries concerning their own retirement. In approximately 30 states, “filial support” statutes make adult children legally responsible — on paper — for their parents’ expenses. In recent times, most jurisdictions have chosen not to enforce such laws, but that could change. A Pennsylvania court recently found an elderly woman’s son liable for her $93,000 nursing-home bill. But states are observing the Pennsylvania scenario with interest. While…

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Transitioning Your Parents To An Assisted Living Facility.

People with aging parents may find it difficult to have a discussion about the prospect of transitioning them into a senior residence, particularly an assisted living community.  Many adult children should expect to face some resistance from their parents who may feel they are not ready to give up their independence and/or move from their home.  However, there are potential warning signs that one should consider while evaluating the particular circumstances.  The following are some examples when having a discussion on the topic might be necessary: The refrigerator is empty or filled with spoiled food, which may be a sign…

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Making Life Your Parent’s a Little More Livable

Are you watching your aging parents get frustrated with simple tasks? When you stop to visit, struggling with routines? You know that living aids are available –  bathtub handles, portable urinals, and the like – but perhaps you weren’t aware of some products, little things that can make life easier, less frustrating, and more livable. We aren’t reccommending any of these, or suggesting one brand above another. We’re just hoping that in looking these items over, you may find that certain something that will ease pain, simplify routine, or give a sense of security that you thought was long gone….

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Caregiving Struggles

Care giving often leaves families struggling to answer questions including: Where will my parents live now? Who will be there to assist them? Who will make health and financial decisions for them if they can't make them on their own? Who will pay for their care? What about their will and estate? These kinds of questions can shed light on years of unattended and estranged relationships while challenging family members to create workable and mutually acceptable solutions to collectively care for their loved one. Here are some options to consider as your family works to "share the care:" Hold a…

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