Making Life Your Parent’s a Little More Livable

Are you watching your aging parents get frustrated with simple tasks? When you stop to visit, struggling with routines? You know that living aids are available –  bathtub handles, portable urinals, and the like – but perhaps you weren’t aware of some products, little things that can make life easier, less frustrating, and more livable.

We aren’t reccommending any of these, or suggesting one brand above another. We’re just hoping that in looking these items over, you may find that certain something that will ease pain, simplify routine, or give a sense of security that you thought was long gone.

Recliner Lever Extender

Even a young person in sound health can have a difficult time adjusting a recliner to and from a lying position. This “handy” mechanism attaches firmly to the tip of the recliner lever. With better leverage and a more reachable angle, this extender may help your loved one rediscover his or her favorite chair. Find an example of this handle here or here.

Elastic Shoelaces

If lacing up footwear causes pain for those in your care, you can make tying shoes a thing of the past. These elastic shoelaces, available in a variety of lengths and colors, once tied, do not have to be tied again. Just slip the shoes on and off. It’s that easy. Find them in many places, or click the links here or here.

Personal Pager

Now you don’t have to stress if you must be in the home, but out of earshot or sight. As long as you stay within 100 feet, you will be reachable via this personal pager. Similar to a nurse call button, this pager will let you know with a beep if you are needed. Models vary in features and price, but basic models can be found here or here.

Doorway Hinge Extender

If you’re often bumping into a doorway with your mobility personal care aids, this simple yet brilliant remedy may be for your household. An angled hinge extender installs quickly and allows the door to open flush with the doorway, giving you an extra two inches in width – which can make all the difference in the world on a daily basis. You can try your local hardware store, or check on options online here or here.

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