Our “Peace of Mind” Process

Let Our Knowledgeable Maryland Estate Planning Professionals Guide the way

When you come to our office for the initial consultation, our promise is to make your visit as comforting as possible. When you leave our office, you will feel relieved because you will have a guide to lead you through the long-term care legal maze. For helping our clients navigate the long-term care legal maze, we have a four-step process:

The Peace of Mind Meeting

At the first meeting, we will welcome you to our firm. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your family. Consider this a “get to know you meeting.”  At this meeting, it is our goal to make you feel comfortable and help you understand the long-term care maze that you are facing. Please bring with you any information that you have about assets, income, social security, real estate, long-term care costs, etc. so we can review it.

You may have many questions about long-term care, Medicaid planning, Alzheimer’s planning or just the law in general.  We’ll do our best to answer those questions. With our experience, we can help you reach your goal, that is the “center of the maze”.

Planning & Design

Before you build a house, you must have a blueprint.  Consequently, our plan to navigate the elder law long-term care maze is no different. We take all the information that you provide us and develop a detailed plan to navigate the long-term care maze. It is vitally important that you provide to us accurate and up to date information to avoid any headaches down the road.

This is where the real work happens.  This is where the road map to meet all the goals of the family happens, whether that’s legacy protection, long-term care benefits, or Medicaid.


Now that the blueprint is in place, we can begin implementing.  At this time, we know exactly what steps are necessary and we begin implementing the plan to meet the family’s goals.  This may involve preparation of legal documents such as Family Trust Plus, Revocable Trusts, Deeds, Asset Protection, Medicaid Applications, Wills and Power of Attorneys.

Signing the Documents

After the legal documents are prepared, we will have a signing meeting. The legal documents are printed, and at the signing meeting, we review the legal documents with you to make sure the documents reflect your needs and as well as the information we gathered from the initial consultation. If you find everything to be satisfactory, you sign the legal documents. We then copy and assemble them in an organized binder for you.