Alzheimer’s Disease

When you or someone you love is diagnosed or is suffering from a chronic illness, such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, etc. you worry about more than just the diagnosis – HOW ARE WE GOING TO PAY FOR THIS?

You may be dealing with fear, trauma or new responsibilities, such as caregiving. Over the years, we have seen many spouses and children quit their jobs to cope with their new circumstances. However, you need to transition from caregiver to care advocate. You cannot afford to lose your health, become overwhelmed, and then eventually burn out.

Our office will help you understand the financial and legal implications of any decisions you are considering. We will help you navigate through these difficult times. We have helped many families face the challenges you face today and tomorrow. We have the solutions to help you.

There are financial solutions and ways to ensure everyone is taken care of.

I have met with hundreds of clients over the years, and most do not understand the difference between an assisted living facility, a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) and a nursing home. It is all very confusing. Also, they question themselves, should they leave their home for a facility, or should they stay at their home, and what services can they receive at their home? Most importantly, how will they pay for all this?

We have prepared the “AGING CARE JOURNEY – How to get the best places to live and how to pay for them” – to answer these questions. This book will discuss what is long-term care, how much care will you need, where will you receive the care, and how can you pay for it. Request your free copy using the form below.

Request FREE Alzheimer’s Information

Request FREE Alzheimer's Disease Information

If you would like an initial consultation with someone who has helped many Maryland families deal with these issues, call David Wingate’s office in Frederick, MD at (301)663-9230, in Rockville, MD at (240)453-0070 or complete our Consultation Request Form. We will walk you through the critical steps you must take to care for you or a loved one.