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New Guide Helps Consumers Find Information on Assisted Living Facilities

Getting information on assisted living facilities just got a little easier. A new guide provides state-by-state information on where to find records on assisted living facilities and ranks the states by how easy it is to obtain inspection reports and safety information. The guide, created by A Place for Mom, a commercial housing referral service, analyzes the amount of information states make available to the public, the ease of access to this information, and the frequency of state inspections or surveys. Investigators found that a majority of states make it relatively easy to get access to assisted living facility records,…

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Seniors who are buying or selling a house often have very different issues than younger buyers and sellers.

Seniors who are buying or selling a house often have very different issues than younger buyers and sellers. Seniors may be contemplating downsizing or moving to a more accessible home, or they may be looking for a way to age in place. A Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) can help senior sellers, buyers, or renters navigate these issues. SRESs are realtors who have completed a series of courses on how to help seniors and their families with real estate transactions. They specialize in helping people age 50 and older, and they can be used for selling, buying, or renting. An…

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Finding Good home Care for Your Aging Parent.

Many people are now finding themselves placed in a new role of caregiver for an aging parent or loved one. Naturally, you want to provide the very best living environment for your aging parent, but there may come a time when you just can’t do it alone. If you want to make sure your parent can continue safely living at home, in home care may be the perfect answer for your family, prior to moving to an assisted living facility or a nursing home. So, how do you find the right professional in-home care for your aging loved one? When…

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Many families are unprepared for nursing home or long term care planning costs.

Many families are unprepared for nursing home or long term care planning costs, especially when they find out that Medicare doesn't pay for long-term care. The monthly cost in a private room at a nursing home, is approximately $9,000 per month in our area. The yearly cost is 12 months x $9,000 equals $108,000 per year. Medicare does not pay for long term care. Medicaid will pay for the nursing home, only when you have spent most of your assets. Assisted living is an option where the facility provides personal care services, such as meals, housekeeping and assistance with activities….

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Money was no object when the time came for Joan Lunden to find a senior care facility for her 88-year-old mother.

(CNN) — For years, the former host of "Good Morning America" had been a long-distance caregiver to her mother and brother in California, providing them with emotional and financial support from New York. After her brother's death in 2006 from complications from type II diabetes, Lunden needed to find a new home for her mother, who was suffering from the onset of dementia. Trying to create the best possible quality of life for an aging relative is "the new normal" for 43.5 million Americans caring for someone older than 50, according to the Family Caregiver Alliance. It's not just their…

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Is An Assisted Living Facility Right For You Or Your Parents?

The idea of Assisted Living is tremendously appealing – an older individual receiving necessary care and services in a home-like environment, while retaining choice and autonomy. Most Assisted Living facilities are licensed to care for residents only up to a particular need of care.  A generic multi-level system might designate three levels: low, moderate and high.  When a resident has low care needs, the resident may reside at any type of Assisted Living facility.  When the resident's care needs reach the moderate level, the resident is allowed to reside only at a facility licensed for moderate or high care needs. …

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How Can You Challenge An Increased Bill At An Assisted Living Facility

This New York Times article discusses challenging the Assisted Living ballooning monthly bills. The article states the most frequent cost increase is when a resident moves to the next level of care i.e. increased supervision with medications or diabetic injections, bathing or dressing help, incontinence issues, etc.  However, the costs can soar due to arbitrary decision-making from the Assisted Living Facility’s internal policies.  These increases are subjective and weighted in favor of the Assisted Living Facility. By utilizing Senior Life Care Planning we can help advocate against these increases. Therefore, keep mom or dad in a safe environment at a…

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Saluting our Senior Veterans

For eligibility for A & A, it is primarily determined by the veteran’s assets, income, and unreimbursed medical expenses (UME)

What senior residential or care organizations do you trust?

As the aging demographic increases, more state and national resources are being shifted to taking care of seniors Medicare, Medicaid, Nursing Homes, Assisted Livings and Home Care agencies. Consequently, as more and more residential and service organizations are formed who do you trust to take of your aging parents? We at Senior Life Care Planning help seniors and their families independent and professional advice on your parent’s needs, requirements, how to pay for care, and their goals. Consequently, we can help you alleviate the fear of your parents and yourselves, with caring and compassionate professionals. It’s really important that you…

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When do your parents require assisted living placement?

As adult children of aging parents, you are facing tough decisions on moving your parents from their home to an assisted living facility. Parents do not want to lose their freedom, or leave their home. Additionally, you may be hesitant about the choice of the assisted living facility. Is it a good fit for my parents? How will they be treated? Can we afford this facility? What happens if the money runs out? Are we responsible for their costs? These are some indicators that your parent may need the additional services of an assisted living facility. Your parents are failing…

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