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A basic package includes about a dozen motion sensors placed strategically around a house. They can provide adult children with a stunningly detailed rundown of a parent’s day.

a growing number of startups that use monitoring technology to revolutionize elder care. These companies are also betting on a big market as the baby boomers enter old age.

What’s In A Wired Home?

In addition to camera monitoring, companies offer other kinds of services to help keep track of an elderly person’s daily activities.

As Americans live longer than ever, some will find it difficult to stay in their beloved homes: Steep stairs or a slippery shower can pose dangers, and standard houses are not wheelchair accessible.

It’s a common problem — and an expensive one. Making a home accessible can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

A “Village” in the world of the aging is an organized network of volunteers dedicated to doing what is needed for seniors to stay in their homes.

For an annual fee, these communities help seniors manage household tasks they can no longer handle and arrange transportation when they can no longer drive.

As the holiday season is fast approaching, take time when you visit your parent’s house to review and plan their health and care situation.

The challenge is daunting; however, not doing anything can be worse. Sometimes, having a professional elder care attorney and care coordinators can help with the situation.

Protections Against Health Insurance Companies

In addition, there will be new protections against elder abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation as well as free wellness visits under Medicare and incentives to providers to coordinate care – all taking effect in 2011.

What do you do when a parent has become increasingly infirm, had an accident or medical emergency that living alone is not an option?

This question was addressed on Workforce50, where the primary options: 1. Elder stays at home and enlist outside help i.e. a friend, relative, living companion, government, charitable, or a home care agency service to help the elder with their needs. 2. Move to an independent living facility, apartment or condo that does not require as much care, on one floor instead of two, or is handicapped-accessible. 3. Move in with you or some other relative or friend. 4. Enter an assisted living facility where people live as independently as they can for as long as they can, but where services…

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“We promised Mum never to put her in a nursing home.”

With our thoughtful, realistic planning, caring for an elder does not have to be a financial or emotional nightmare. We, help you make the right choices for you and your loved one, you are not alone!

A few decades ago, the average life expectancy was in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Additionally, the community and family took care of the aging.

We are here to help you, if your family is too remote or to busy to help you. We provide a case-by-case understanding of what options and resources are available, and how to connect you with the services you need.

When do I place my spouse in a nursing home?

This is no time to be a hero, or make the decisions on emotion or guilt.