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Home Health Aides Await New Minimum Wage, Overtime Rules

Home health care aides are waiting to find out if they will be entitled to receive minimum wage. A decades-old amendment in labor law means that the workers, approximately 2.5 million people, do not always receive minimum wage or overtime. The Obama administration has yet to formally approve revisions to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) that would change that classification. On December 15, 2011, Obama announced the proposal, and then-Labor Secretary Hilda Solis offered her support for the revisions in the Labor Department's blog stating, "This new rule would ensure that these hardworking professionals who provide valuable services to…

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Assisted Living Prices Increasing

The average monthly cost for assisted living has risen 5%, which might drive some seniors to consider other, more economical options when it comes to long-term care, according to the 2012 American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance (AALTCI) Sourcebook. Assisted living costs an average of $3,350, reports the association, but despite the increase, more people have been turning to assisted living or home healthcare options rather than nursing home care. Less than a third (31%) of newly opened long-term care insurance claims are for nursing home care, according to AALTCI data. However, many seniors are realizing that long-term care insurance can…

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Agencies slam new Medicare rule on home care

Home health agencies, hospitals and consumer groups are complaining that a new rule intended to curb unnecessary Medicare spending will make it harder for senior citizens to get home care services. Under the requirement, which is to take effect Friday, Medicare beneficiaries will have to see doctors 90 days before or 30 days after starting home health services in order for the home health agencies to be reimbursed. Those face-to-face visits may be a burden for some home-bound frail seniors, as well as those who live in rural areas, the industry says. Under current law, doctors must prescribe home health…

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When do I place my spouse in a nursing home?

This is no time to be a hero, or make the decisions on emotion or guilt.

Seniors are resistant to care; whether their own child or a professional provides assistance.

At Senior Life Care Planning, we suggest if they are still resisting change, or if your relationship is deteriorating, a professional, such as Senior Life Care Planning’s care coordinators can assess the situation and provide you with independent advice.

How Do I Make Sure That Home Health Care Is Quality Care?

In looking for a home health care agency, the following 20 questions can be used.