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What is the elder care continuum?

The Elder Care Coordinator is a skilled, caring and compassionate advocate for you and your parents.

Before you hire a home care agency seek professional advise from Senior Life Care Planning so we will find the right kind of agency for you.

Where should the senior move too?

The older adult often provides financial assistance by making the selling their home, and in return a home care setting, companionship, and security.

Whether you are caregiver, spouse, child, friend, Senior Life Care Planning’s comprehensive services will help you, and help your loved one.

Our clients and families that require and need our care and expertise, are always treated with dignity and respect.

Aging parents can pose a problem for their baby boomer children.

We find the children have peace of mind having an advocate to turn to, for questions, advice, and independent advice.

Senior Life Care Planning offers you independent advice about home care versus assisted living facilities.

Some home care can be paid by a veterans benefits, providing you qualify, see our previous veterans benefits blog and website.

Where can you find care at home or at an assisted living facility?

To increase your monthly income, please contact us about a FREE HANDBOOK about VA Benefits, written by David Wingate, an accredited VA Attorney, of Senior Life Care Planning, LLC, go to or if you require additional information about VA Benefits, visit our Senior LCP’s Website.
We also have a Blog on Elder Issues and Veteran’s Benefits.
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As the holiday season is fast approaching, take time when you visit your parent’s house to review and plan their health and care situation.

The challenge is daunting; however, not doing anything can be worse. Sometimes, having a professional elder care attorney and care coordinators can help with the situation.

Protections Against Health Insurance Companies

In addition, there will be new protections against elder abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation as well as free wellness visits under Medicare and incentives to providers to coordinate care – all taking effect in 2011.

What do you do when a parent has become increasingly infirm, had an accident or medical emergency that living alone is not an option?

This question was addressed on Workforce50, where the primary options: 1. Elder stays at home and enlist outside help i.e. a friend, relative, living companion, government, charitable, or a home care agency service to help the elder with their needs. 2. Move to an independent living facility, apartment or condo that does not require as much care, on one floor instead of two, or is handicapped-accessible. 3. Move in with you or some other relative or friend. 4. Enter an assisted living facility where people live as independently as they can for as long as they can, but where services…

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