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VA consequences of Surviving Spouse, approved for Aid and Attendance, moving to a new Assisted Living Facility.

Report to the VA with an assisted living facility letter and a revised medical expense report (form 21-8416). But, if the pension amount is not affected, you may wait until the next EVR to report the change. However, if the pension amount is improved or decreased due to the relocation of the surviving spouse, report it immediately. To increase your monthly income, please contact us about a FREE VA benefits HANDBOOK, written by David Wingate, an accredited VA Attorney, of Senior Life Care Planning, LLC, go to or if you require additional information about VA Benefits, visit our Maryland…

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As the holiday season is fast approaching, take time when you visit your parent’s house to review and plan their health and care situation.

The challenge is daunting; however, not doing anything can be worse. Sometimes, having a professional elder care attorney and care coordinators can help with the situation.