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The physical drain of caring for an aging family member can be tremendous. Often, however, it’s the emotional drain that takes a greater toll.

Learning to cope with Dementia, maintaining a loved one’s dignity as they become more dependent… most of us are not equipped to navigate these issues. Moreover, uninformed (even though well-intentioned) legal, financial and medical decisions can have negative and long-lasting impact. We help family members ensure the best care for their loved ones by: Eliminating confusion around medical, legal, and financial options Preventing a crisis and unnecessary hospitalizations Reducing miscommunications among family members, with the loved one, and with other professionals Creating a comprehensive life care plan that anticipates and addresses problems Acting as a liaison to families at a distance,…

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Issues With Aging Parents?

Your aging parents live in a different city or state, who will be your eyes and ears? Who will educate you and them about the elder care maze of Medicaid, Medicare, Long Term Care Insurance, Home Care v. Assisted Living v. Nursing Home, etc?  You may talk to health care professionals, doctors, social workers, and friends. However, everyone seems to have a differing view about what is best for your aging parents; maybe these opinions conflict or have a different agenda. The physician desires to see your parents at home. Consequently, he does not lose a patient and revenue. An…

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Do I Need to Hire Senior Life Care Planning To Help Me With My Aging Parents?

Do you have the time, inclination, or the ability to manage the affairs of your aging parents? Are the issues that your aging parents are facing becoming bigger and more complicated than you can comfortably manage? Are the other demands and responsibilities of family, work and day to day life, so abundant that you are not able to provide the desired level of control, supervision, and attention to your aging parent’s issues and crises? If you are not sure, please call our office for a consultation, or visit our website, so we can help you decide if our office may…

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If you are a caregiver of your spouse or aging parent you need to plan for legal, financial and health care issues. It’s important that a life care plan is put in place before the crisis occurs.

So, when is the right time to start planning? You should pick up the phone right now and call Senior Life Care Planning at 301 663 9230 or email our office.

How do you communicate with your aging parents?

Consequently, the best way to prepare is to incorporate a LIFE CARE PLAN by Senior Life Care Planning. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!