How do you communicate with your aging parents?

How you interact with your aging parents, can make a difference between getting things accomplished to high anxiety and stress? You are now in a different relationship with your parents, but you are still the child, in their eyes. Therefore, you have to know your parents and what makes them tick.

When your parents require help, do they prefer to solve problems by themselves or do they seek family assistance? Do you know their limits for acknowledging help or declining help? Who do they listen to, if any, physician, lawyer, other professional?

If you move your parents to an assisted living facility do they enjoy making new friends? Are they the social butterfly, or more of an introvert? Be sure to consider these things, as this may help you and your family to determine a living arrangement everyone can feel good about.

As an advocate for your parents, it is difficult to identify that all is well with your parents. They may be functional; but still require help, as their ability to judge things becomes impaired.

Unless we have been through the aging process, most of us really are not prepared for the crisis. We do not hear too often,"Thank goodness I was prepared for this, as I knew this would happen to me and my family," and yet, how many of us actually do prepare?

Taking care of our elderly is and will continue to be a significant problem for our society – nursing home bed availability, staff, nurses, how to pay for care, Medicare or Medicaid availability, who is going to pay? Therefore, it’s really important that we plan to take care of our parents and their generation. Consequently, the best way to prepare is to incorporate a LIFE CARE PLAN by Senior Life Care Planning. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

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