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Making the Holiday Season Happy for Seniors and Caregivers

The holiday season can be such a wonderful time for family and friends to share together; it is a time for creating memories and honoring family traditions. Unfortunately, the holiday season can also be a stressful and depressing time for many seniors. Seniors can feel confused and isolated during the holidays but there are ways to make this a much more enjoyable time for them by following a few guidelines. Seniors can feel confused and isolated during the holidays… Holidays are a time when memories can be shared. Engage your aging family member in the re-counting of stories and memories…

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How do you communicate with your aging parents?

Consequently, the best way to prepare is to incorporate a LIFE CARE PLAN by Senior Life Care Planning. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Aging Parents – Overwhelmed and Confused Part II

In most situations, with proper planning, those who wish to stay at home, will be able to do so. However, if it is no longer a viable option for you to stay at home, you do not have to be forced into a nursing home. It is a comfort and relief to our clients to know that Senior Life Care Planning, LLC has the resources of supportive, knowledgeable and objective advisors to help you through every step in the aging process. Senior Life Care Planning, LLC will provide you with the confidence that you and your families long term care…

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Aging Parents – Overwhelmed and Confused

As we age, our needs and demands change. Senior Life Care Planning’s goal is to educate and assist you in achieving quality of life and peace of mind. Before the care journey becomes overwhelming, it's important to have trusted professionals guiding you on your path. Our philosophy is to provide a dedicated service and attention to our clients to make the aging process empowering and rewarding. We are often asked: How can I protect my assets to take care of my spouse, or to leave them to my children?  Do I have to spend all of my money on the nursing…

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