Issues With Aging Parents?

Your aging parents live in a different city or state, who will be your eyes and ears? Who will educate you and them about the elder care maze of Medicaid, Medicare, Long Term Care Insurance, Home Care v. Assisted Living v. Nursing Home, etc?  You may talk to health care professionals, doctors, social workers, and friends. However, everyone seems to have a differing view about what is best for your aging parents; maybe these opinions conflict or have a different agenda. The physician desires to see your parents at home. Consequently, he does not lose a patient and revenue. An assisted living or nursing home admissions coordinator requests an assessment for possible placement or rehabilitation. Your parents state they “don’t need any help, they can manage by themselves, they don’t need to hire a home care aid.”

Who will be your impartial advocate?

Do you know all of the options available to you, and most importantly, what will these options cost and who will pay for them?

At Senior Life Care Planning, we are a professional elder care advisor company, hired by you, or your parents, to represent your parent’s interests. We do not take referral fees (“kickbacks”) from any company or facility. Consequently, we have an independent and unbiased interest in representing your parent’s needs.

Regrettably, when your aging parent’s health care problems escalate, it takes a significant amount of your time and energy away from work, family and social engagements to assist your parents. Consequently, your marriage maybe strained by your caregiver duties and, also, you may experience financial hardships i.e. loss of job or reduced hours

However, most people are unaware of financial programs, services and strategies which may help offset expensive health care costs. When health care services are required, Senior Life Care Planning is here to help you. Don’t wait for the CRISIS, pre-plan now.

Regrettably, some parents distrust their children when it comes to financial and medical decision making i.e. your just a child or you don’t follow the depression era way they were brought up regarding finances. Unfortunately, your parents may listen to the advice of a stranger rather than the advice of their own family. Therefore, Senior Life Care Planning can be that concerned outsider whose expert advice will be heeded.

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