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Family Coaching & Care Management

One of the many issues that you may be faced with is the need for placement, for your loved one or aging parent, in a skilled nursing facility and the problem of financing that care. We will assist you with obtaining Medical Assistance (Medicaid) coverage for such placement. We work with you and your loved one or aging parent to structure the elder’s assets so that the elder is eligible for such coverage. We also advise you and your family about family coaching and care management to ensure that the elder obtains the best quality of care which he or…

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Family Coaching & Care Management

The physical and emotional drain of caring for an aging family member is enormous. Coping you’re your loved ones Dementia, and maintaining there dignity and quality of life as they become more dependent… are unchartered waters for most of us. Additionally, ill-informed legal, financial and medical decisions can have negative and long-lasting impact on your loved ones well-being.. However, our trained and professional coaches (Care Managers) can help you ensure the best care for your loved ones by: • Removing confusion around medical, legal, and financial decisions; • Preventing a crisis; • Eliminating miscommunications among family members • Preparing a…

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Home health care technology may provide a solution to concerns about how to sustain health care systems threatened by rising costs and manpower shortages.

The  RAND Corporation study  finds expanding home-based health tools could give patients a greater ability to self-manage their conditions in partnership with their medical providers, and help improve their health and overall well-being. However, moving care to patients' homes would be a major shift in the structure of health care and can be accomplished only if consensus is reached between patients, health care providers, insurance companies and policymakers, according to the report. "The aging of the world's population and fact that more diseases are treatable will create serious financial and manpower challenges for the world's health care systems," said Dr….

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If you have aging parents you may have to decide that staying at home is not an option anymore.

Seniors tend to wait, until a crisis occurs, before moving to an assisted living facility

It’s not easy to admit to ourselves, that waning eyesight and reduced reactions affect our driving skills.

Recently, parents were up in arms, about having their high school kids “walk” to school. Where is the same commitment, action and engagement for seniors?

“I don’t want my kids to become my caregiver. Therefore, if the time comes along that I can no longer care for myself, I want to go to a retirement community or nursing home, so they do not have to worry or do anything”

However, this is not reality. The obligation for caring for elderly parents never goes away.

What Can Senior Life Care Planning Do for Me?

Senior Life Care Planning offers a wide range of services to help maintain their client’s independence at home, or to advocate for their client’s rights and quality of life, at an assisted living facility or nursing home.