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Living with Alzheimer’s disease is very difficult for the individuals affected and their loved ones.

By dedicating some time early on in the diagnosis and fighting for the cause during World Alzheimer’s Month and beyond, a family can know they have done everything to support their loved one to live a full life and protect their legacy. You may not have known but September is World Alzheimer’s Month. As the month comes to a close, it’s important not to forget about Alzheimer’s. Medical research and advocacy are vital causes to uphold. Nevertheless, it is a disease that you and your loved ones might have to face directly, if you have not already. The reality of…

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The 2010 Small Business Jobs Act has some tax changes that could affect you – in a good way.

If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably ready for a little good news right about now. The 2010 Small Business Jobs Act has some tax changes that could affect you – in a good way. Forbes writer Robert W. Wood gave a good run-down of the highlights last week, to include: Small Business (Section 179) Expensing. Under the old rules, you could generally expense up to $250,000 of certain property placed in service during the year. But for tax years 2010 and 2011, the limit is increased to $500,000, and can include up to $250,000 of qualified leasehold improvement,…

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More people should consider hiring an Elder Care manager to help them.

A good elder care manager has many years of experience and many weapons in their arsenal of intellectual capital. They are good at assessing the situation, good at identify and defining problems, and good at making specific recommendations on where to go and who to go see to get help.

“I don’t want my kids to become my caregiver. Therefore, if the time comes along that I can no longer care for myself, I want to go to a retirement community or nursing home, so they do not have to worry or do anything”

However, this is not reality. The obligation for caring for elderly parents never goes away.

What Can Senior Life Care Planning Do for Me?

Senior Life Care Planning offers a wide range of services to help maintain their client’s independence at home, or to advocate for their client’s rights and quality of life, at an assisted living facility or nursing home.

I’m often asked “Why should I hire an attorney, it’s cheaper thru the internet?”

If LegalZoom is no longer producing wills, trusts or other legal documents in State of Washington, why is LegalZoom not being pursued by Maryland’s Attorney General?

Now is the time to review your personal finances

Now is the time to review your personal finances, here’s a brief checklist.