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As Congress and the President debate putting limits on Medicare and Medicaid, new restrictions are also being placed on Veterans benefits.

Recently, the VA has changed its policy in a way that limits the pension awards available to veterans who are receiving care in senior and independent living facilities. Issued as a “clarification” of policy, VA Fast Letter 12-23 limits the unreimbursed medical expenses (UMEs) that may be deducted from income for pension purposes – specifically in regard to the cost of room and board at a facility.  Fast Letter 12-23 discusses the circumstances under which the cost of room and board paid to senior or independent living facilities will be treated as a UME. It suggests that in some past…

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There are many myths about Medicaid, more than any other program affecting seniors today.

Medicare will pay for the nursing home. Medicare does not pay for long term care at the nursing home. Medicare consists of four parts: A, B, C, and D and is offered to those who are at least 65 years old, less than 65 years old and disabled, or in end-stage renal failure requiring dialysis or a kidney transplant. Medicare Part A pays for hospital stays, some home health care for rehabilitation services, and inpatient rehabilitation services. There is no monthly premium for Part A as these services are covered by payments made through your lifetime payroll taxes. Medicare Part…

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What can Senior Life Care Planning do for you and your aging parent?

When your parents need assistance with activities of daily living, who cannot live alone due to health problems, disability, or lack of home care services and support, Senior Life Care Planning is there to assess the situation, develop a life care plan which will take into account your parent's needs and goals, financial security, living arrangements, make them feel independent and dignified, and we also provide guidance, assistance and support.

What is the elder care continuum?

The Elder Care Coordinator is a skilled, caring and compassionate advocate for you and your parents.

How Will You Take Care of Your Aging Parents?

As your parent’s age, they may reach a stage when they may no longer care for themselves. Therefore, you, with some difficulty, will have to make decisions about their future living situation. Whether, to bring in home care, assisted living facility or a nursing home. Many seniors are frightened and afraid with the thought of leaving their home. Consequently, your parents may become depressed and withdrawn, which leads to a deteriorating health condition. When making your decision, your parents may not need to go straight to a nursing home. However, this is your parent’s biggest fear. Nursing homes are great…

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Are assisted living facilities right for me?

An assisted-living facility provides help to seniors, with activities of daily living.