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Businesses soliciting ALF for Veteran’s Applications

Any professional who is not accredited through the OGC cannot assist with a VA application.

Does the VA consider prior medical expenses for a VA application?

The VA does not recognize non-recurring drugs.

The VA has introduced a new shortened application form 21-257EZ in lieu of the 21-526 application.

This new form is less complex, overwhelming, and intimidating.  Therefore, Veterans who pick up the form, should not be overwhelmed, and give up, as they have done in the past. Additionally, the VA is addressing the processing of applications. In the past, Veterans could wait over a year for a decision. However, a Veteran can utilize a new procedure called the Fully Developed Claims (Form 21-527EZ). Consequently, the VA’s objective is to process claims within ninety (90) days. But, the form must be fully completed, when filed. Therefore, all information regarding discharge, medical and financial records must be provided, with…

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