Does the VA consider prior medical expenses for a VA application?

If and when you apply for a non-service connected pension, you estimate the next twelve months of UME based on your current expenses.  Therefore, if you reside in an assisted living facility or receive paid home care, take your current paid monthly expenses and multiply by twelve.  Additionally, don’t forget about other non-reimbursed medical expenses; Medicare deduction; medical insurance premiums and incontinence supplies, etc.

However, beware of prescriptions, as the VA does not recognize non-recurring drugs i.e. antibiotics, heartburn, and pain medications.  Additionally, evaluate a six month pharmacy print-out for recurring drugs.  Also, the VA may not compute the drugs until the next EVR, because of the complexity of UME.  Therefore, review the pharmacy print-outs and strike out the non-recurrent drugs; attach doctor’s written prescriptions to the application, and then submit.

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