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Seniors are resistant to care; whether their own child or a professional provides assistance.

Are you concerned about your long distance caregiving for a loved one? How are they managing their eating, medications and other welfare issues. Family members hire independent caregivers to provide companionship and welfare duties. However, a study of family caregivers, on caregiverstress.com, revealed that (51 percent) of caregivers stated that the senior was very resistant to care; whether their own child or a professional provided assistance.

Most seniors will not admit they need help.  If they accept they need help, their independence, dignity and control is lost. However, if they will not ask for help, what can you do?

Help (Not) Wanted For Resistance To Assistance

Why is the senior resistant? Have a forthright conversation. Especially, if you are a child caregiver, about how the caregiving activity is impacting your life and family. Additionally, convince them that some additional care will keep them at home longer. Thus, the possibility of a slip and fall etc. may be reduced. Therefore, there is less likelihood of going to an expensive assisted living facility or nursing home.

At Senior Life Care Planning, we suggest if they are still resisting change, or if your relationship is deteriorating, a professional, such as Senior Life Care Planning’s care coordinators can assess the situation and provide you with independent advice. Also, we examine your options to find the best resources for your loved one. Therefore, we will reassure your parents that we have researched the caregivers, or facilities, to provide care for your loved ones, and we are confident we have found the most suitable for your loved one.

However, you must respect your parent’s decision. You cannot force a caregiver on them or move them to a facility, against their wishes, if they are competent. Sometimes, your parents will not agree with you. But, as long as you have tried your best, and can face yourself in the mirror, there is nothing more you can do.

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