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Sundowning with Alzheimer’s common and difficult behavior

“Sundowning” refers to an increased state of anxiety and confusion at the end of the day that often occurs in people with Alzheimer’s, states Carol Bradley Bursack. There have been many theories about the behavior. Some professionals think the person is used to a normal work day, therefore as the day ends, he or she is trying to go home from work or accomplish something that is related to wrapping up the day. Others think that people with AD perceive their environments differently as the light begins to fade toward sundown and that change causes sensory confusion that may make…

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What are some signals that your aging parent needs help?

Frequent falls Unexplained bruises Unexplained weight loss Medication mistakes – forgetting to take, overdosing, abusing Behavior issues Getting lost while driving or walking Social isolation Financial management – not paying bills, making gifts to strangers Nutrition – nothing in the refrigerator or cupboards etc. Unsafe driving Confusion and forgetfulness Balance or mobility problems Refusing to see the doctor or follow advice One spouse overwhelmed or in poor health caring for the other spouse

Dealing Confusion with Dementia

Typically, the person with dementia feels very frustrated by their inability to orientate to time, place and a person. Therefore, when they are confused, questions are an irritant. Consequently, asking someone who does not know where they are, where they are going, causes annoyance. Therefore, simplify tasks by dividing dressing, bathing, and grooming into smaller  tasks to accommodate memory deficits.

Alzheimer’s Association 10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s disease

To learn more about the 10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s disease, contact the Alzheimer’s Association at through their Web site or at 877-IS-IT-ALZ.