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Is Alzheimer’s Disease Causing Distress in Your Family? Is Caregiving Affecting Your Work and Finances?

Unfortunately, caregivers are financially burdened by their caregiving duties.  While caregiving creates a financial burden, caregiving has a big impact on work and life.  Most caregivers are working, either full or part-time, or have worked at some point while caregiving.  It is estimated that more than 60 percent of working caregivers have made adjustments to their work schedule, such as leaving early, arriving late, or taking time off.  With the current financial situation, can you afford to loose your job because you are worried about your loved one? Caregivers also report they have less time for family or friends, have…

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Dealing Confusion with Dementia

Typically, the person with dementia feels very frustrated by their inability to orientate to time, place and a person. Therefore, when they are confused, questions are an irritant. Consequently, asking someone who does not know where they are, where they are going, causes annoyance. Therefore, simplify tasks by dividing dressing, bathing, and grooming into smaller  tasks to accommodate memory deficits.

Communicating with a loved one with dementia can be very frustrating for both.

The damage to the brain may result in difficulty using the correct words or understanding the spoken word. Consequently, communication skills should be addressed, as early in the process, as possible. As a result, individuals may be able to transmit meaningful communication. Therefore, your loved one maintains social interaction, function and a quality of life. The person with dementia may repeat a phrase or word over and over. Obviously, this is very wearisome and frustrating for the caregiver but communication can be enhanced by: Avoid extra external noise Avoid distractions  Use short simple sentences Avoid open ended questions Use direct…

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