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What VA Benefits are Available for a Service Connected Veteran’s Surviving Spouse?

The spouse must file within one year of the veterans death to preserve a retroactive payment date of the first day of the month after the vet’s death.

Is a remarried veteran’s spouse entitled to Veterans Benefits?

Spouse is the widow of a, killed in action, WWII veteran.  She is currently married to a Korean War veteran.  If she remarried, after the age of 57 and after December 16, 2003, she should be able to retain the DIC from her first husband.  However, if she did not, and she becomes single again, she will obtain first husband’s DIC and CHAMPVA.  Otherwise, her current husband may qualify for his own veteran’s benefits. Nevertheless, she personally does not qualify for any veterans benefits, at this moment in time.

Attention Vietnam Veterans and Their Families!!!

  Are you a Vietnam Veteran who suffers with (or the loved one of a veteran who died of) Parkinson's disease, ischemic heart condition, or a B-cell leukemia or another condition that can be linked to one of these? Did you (the veteran) or the deceased veteran serve in the Republic of Vietnam, the waterways of Vietnam, or on the Korean DMZ any time from January 9, 1962 thru May 7, 1975? Did you (the veteran), the deceased veteran, or the deceased surviving spouse (or deceased child or parent) previously file a claim for benefits based upon the veteran having…

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Can widow of retired USAF receive money from the VA, if she was not married at time of service?

Being married during service is not relevant.  However, widow must be married to veteran for at least one year or have had a child by him if married less than one; living with him throughout the marriage and at the time of death to qualify for either pension or DIC. To increase your monthly income, please contact us about a FREE VA benefits HANDBOOK, written by David Wingate, an accredited VA Attorney, of Senior Life Care Planning, LLC, go to info@seniorlcp.com or if you require additional information about VA Benefits, visit our Maryland Veterans Benefits website. Please review our Blog…

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