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Potential Warning Signs – Dealing With Aging Parents.

People with aging parents may find it difficult to have a discussion about the prospect of transitioning them into a senior residence, particularly an assisted living community.  Many adult children should expect to face some resistance from their parents who may feel they are not ready to give up their independence and/or move from their home.  However, there are potential warning signs that one should consider while evaluating the particular circumstances.  The following are some examples when having a discussion on the topic might be necessary: The refrigerator is empty or filled with spoiled food, which may be a sign…

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Address the topic of assisted living before it becomes necessary.

The assisted living care model is between your home and the nursing homes and has come into prominence in the past 20 years, and will continue to grow as the Baby Boomers head into the retirement years. However, even for families who have had those conversations, making the transition from home to an assisted living can be challenging. Assisted living provides an opportunity for older Americans to enjoy the comforts of a home-like setting, plenty of activities and socialization, along with the help they might need — from bathing and dressing to housecleaning and medication reminders. Yet, many are so…

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