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Can a Veteran have both service connected and non-service connected benefits?

No. If the veteran is rated 100%, they may receive an additional amount – special monthly compensation (SMC), if the need for Aid & Attendance is a service connected condition.  Also, if the veteran, rated under100%, is unemployable due to his service connected condition, they can file for unemployability. Therefore, their rating is 100%. Consequently, file for the SMC. These VA benefits exceed NSC pension. Also, if the veteran is married, they will receive additional money.  Remember, that assets, income, and UME do not matter in a SC claim. However, if his SC condition is not the cause for increased care, you may…

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Can a Veteran receive service connected benefits and aid & attendance?

No. However,  a special “aid and attendance” called Special Monthly Compensation, can be added to 100% rated service connected veterans, but is not a non-service connected pension.