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Boomer Report Corps Project Recruits Older Citizen Journalists

The Boomer Reporting Corps (BRC) is a unique older adult citizen journalism project spearheaded by the University of Maine Center on Aging and the Maine Community Foundation. In partnership with the University of Maine’s New Media Department, the BRC consists of a series of comprehensive workshops and specialized mentoring in journalism, photography, and multimedia designed specifically for older adult community volunteers interested in keeping members of their rural communities informed of key local issues. BRC programming was designed to help older adults who are already leading change in their communities to share local news by increasing their access to technology….

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Law Commission of Ontario Launches New Project on Registered Disability Savings Plans (RDSPs)

The Law Commission of Ontario (LCO) is beginning a new project at the request of the Ontario government to address how adults with developmental or mental disabilities might be better enabled to participate in the federal Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) created by the federal government without an expensive competency assessment.  The RDSP is a savings vehicle to provide future support for persons with disabilities. Parents or guardians may open an RDSP for a child. However, adults with intellectual disabilities and others whose competence may be an issue may face challenges in opening or withdrawing from an RDSP without undergoing…

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Interactive Educational Curriculum on Assessing the Capacity of Older Adults

Rush University Medical Center and the American Bar Association (ABA) Commission on Law and Aging have released an interactive educational curriculum on assessing the capacity of older adults, funded by The Retirement Research Foundation. The course is aimed at physicians but is valuable and useful as well for other health care clinicians, students, and interested professionals. The curriculum features six modules: the importance of evaluating patients’ capacities; key principles and practices; the evaluation process and content; specific capacities and situation; when to conduct an evaluation yourself and when to refer; and working with courts in guardianship proceedings. The curriculum also…

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AARP Report Says Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Not Doing Enough to Get Seniors On-Line

Recent surveys show that many older adults do not have a high-speed Internet connection at home. This is a problem in today’s digital world because high-speed connectivity enables a new generation of applications and services that promise vast opportunities and benefits. This Insight on the Issues describes how high-speed Internet connectivity can help support the needs and ambitions of older adults in five broad, interrelated impact areas: personal fulfillment, health preservation, social connectedness, functional capability and activity, and caregiver support. It also reviews recommendations made by the Federal Communications Commission three years ago in the National Broadband Plan to get…

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Choosing a Nursing Home

Seven million adults in the United States care for their elderly parents from afar, according to the National Institute on Aging. But it is no easy task to coordinate doctor’s visits long-distance or evaluate nursing homes or analyze the safety of your parents’ home if — like 90 percent of older adults, according a recent AARP poll — they choose to age in place. However,  if you cannot stay at home, due to ill health or cannot perform activities of daily living, your options may be choosing a nursing home. At the Law Office we are in contact with many…

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