Choosing a Nursing Home

Seven million adults in the United States care for their
elderly parents from afar, according to the National Institute on Aging. But it
is no easy task to coordinate doctor’s visits long-distance or evaluate nursing
homes or analyze the safety of your parents’ home if — like 90 percent of older
adults, according a recent AARP poll — they choose to age in place.

However,  if you
cannot stay at home, due to ill health or cannot perform activities of daily
living, your options may be choosing a nursing home.

At the Law Office we are in contact with many of the
long-term care facilities in our community, and we have a good idea of which
ones provide the best care. Because of this experience, our insight can be
valuable in selecting the right facility for your parents. Outward appearances
can be deceiving. Often, the facilities that “look the nicest” simply don’t
provide the best care for their residents.

Additionally, we  can
help you navigate the various benefit programs ie. Medicaid and VA benefits that
may be available to your parents to help pay for their nursing home care.

We help individuals and families cope with aging hurdles
ranging from financial planning to housing logistics. Proactive planning with
sound legal counsel, health-care coordination and financial planning prevents
challenges from becoming crises.

Please contact our office for the FREE report "Nine Must Ask Questions Before Cooosing A Nursing Home."

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