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Medicaid – same-sex spouse or domestic partner beneficiary – Estate Recovery

Estate Recovery: Sections 1902(a)(18) and 1917(b)(1) of the Act require States to pursue estate recovery when a Medicaid beneficiary received medical assistance under the State plan: 1) in cases where a lien has been imposed under the State’s lien authority, and 2) for recipients age 55 and over, who received nursing facility services, home and community-based services, or related hospital and prescription drug services. States may optionally seek recovery to pay for costs of other approved State plan services provided to those 55 and over, except Medicare cost sharing paid on behalf of Medicare Savings Program beneficiaries on or after…

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If we put our mother in a nursing home, and her only asset is her home, how will we afford to pay for her care?

If you have assets under $2,500, and reside in a nursing home, the State of Maryland through Medical Assistance (Medicaid) will pay the nursing home. However, a house that is a person’s primary residence is exempt for purposes of Medicaid eligibility provided that the community spouse is still residing in the house, and the net value of the house does not exceed $500,000. Additionally, if you are a single, then sign the application that you have an “intent to return to the house,” even if that it’s impossible and you remain in a nursing home. The home is an exempt…

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Protecting Your House Before or After You Move Into a Nursing Home

Generally, you do not have to sell your home for Medicaid qualification of nursing home care. However, the state can file a claim against your home after your death. If Medicaid pays for your nursing home care, the state must attempt to recoup from your estate the amount it paid for your care. This is called "estate recovery." Consequently, with the rules for Medicaid eligibility i.e. assets under $2,500 the only property of substantial value that a Medicaid recipient is likely to own at death is their home. Therefore, you should consult with an elder care attorney before or after…

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Will you loose your home to the nursing home?

Before entering a nursing home, or as soon as possible afterwards, the’re ways to protect your assets.

What is Medicaid Estate Recovery?

The state cannot force you to sell your residence, but they will put a lien on the property, and when you die, the Government will go after your estate.

Medicaid – Questions and Answers

Some questions regarding Medicaid Eligibility and Qualification