Medicaid – Questions and Answers

Q. Must I sell our home to obtain Medicaid benefits?

A. Generally, no. The home is an exempt asset for Medicaid qualification purposes. In other words, it is not counted towards the asset limit for Medicaid qualification. However, the home is generally exempt only as long as either spouse (or other qualified person) is living in the home or intends to return home. The home will be subject to Medicaid estate recovery unless appropriate planning has occurred or another exception exists.

Q. Is it too late to save resources if my loved one is already in the nursing home?

A. Generally, no. It is not too late to save assets just because your loved one is already in the nursing home. However, there are special and complicated rules regarding transfers of assets.

Q. Does my revocable living trust protect our assets from Medicaid spend down?

A. Generally, no. Assets held in a revocable living trust are “countable” for Medicaid qualification purposes.

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