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Are You One Of 500,000 Being Abused?

The Centers for Disease Control reports that over 500,000 older adults are abused or neglected each year. This number is probably low because many victims are unable or afraid to report it. Also, professionals and family members may miss signs of abuse. A study published in the American Journal of Public Health found that one out of 10 older people experienced abuse—not including financial abuse, which is the most prevalent form of elder abuse. The annual loss from victims of elder financial exploitation was estimated to be nearly $3 billion in 2009. Elder abuse is a growing problem with devastating…

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8 Tips to Help You and Your Parents Find The Correct Home / Residence

1. Figure out what type of place your parents need and what your family can afford. 2. Involve your parents in the decision, if they’re up to it. 3. Before hiring an eldercare consultant, ask how he or she gets paid. 4. Make sure a facility is a good fit for your parents socially. 5. Conduct your own onsite inspection of any facility before signing up your parents. 6. Research the Medicare and state evaluations for the facilities you’re considering. 7. Read the facility’s contract carefully. 8. Above all, plan ahead. 

Elder mediators say their profession is growing as baby boomers seek help with their aging parents.

If you are dealing with some of the thorny family issues that often arise as loved ones age – such as disputes over inheritances, where an elderly parent may live, what type of care may be necessary, and who will pay for it – you are not alone. And if you think your family could use a “professional referee,” it may be time to consider consulting an “elder mediator.” According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, elder mediators say their profession is growing as baby boomers seek help with their aging parents. “Our clients tend to be well-educated, successful…

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Medicare Explained

Medicare is explained in this short video

What is an Elder Care Coordinator and Do I Need One?

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