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Veterans are missing out on benefits they’ve earned

By Rita Files … Too often, veterans go without services they need simply because they are unaware of benefits they earned through their service. Consider the Aid and Attendance benefit, which is meant to help aging veterans and their surviving spouses pay for care at home, in a nursing home, or in an assisted-living facility. Millions of veterans and their families are failing to take advantage of it. According to a recent report, about 105,000 veterans were using the benefit last year. Yet the pool of potential recipients could be much bigger. There are 2.3 million World War II vets…

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Are you a widow of a veteran, if so, you may be entitled to VA compensation?

The VA has funds for widows of veterans. However, most veterans, spouses and their families are unaware of this.

The RAPID Claims Act goes before the House of Representatives

This legislation will allow veterans to bypass a lengthy claim development period by submitting a complete claim that needs no further evidence.