Saluting our Senior Veterans

Originally, November 11, 1919 was called  “Armistice Day,” marking the first anniversary of the end of World War I. However, Nov. 11 was changed to Veterans Day by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1954 so that all veterans would be honored.

According to 2007 government statistics there were 23.6 million veterans living in the United States. Approximately 9.3 million were 65 and older, and 6 million having a disability.

Unfortunately, veterans are unaware of “Aid and Attendance” (A & A) benefits.  

If a veteran qualifies, the A & A benefit they receive $1,632 per month, and a married couple receives $1,949 per month. Consequently, this benefit provides help to veterans receive in-home care or at an assisted living care facility. For more information see our blog or visit the US Department of Veterans Affairs website.

For eligibility for A & A, it is primarily determined by the veteran’s assets, income, and unreimbursed medical expenses (UME). UME, include home caregivers, or assisted living facility costs, Medicare costs, and out of pocket medical expenses – doctor’s visits and prescription drug costs.

Contact your state veterans’ affairs agency, an accredited agent or seek the advice of an elder care attorney familiar with Medicaid and Veterans’ Benefits when filing these claims.  Be sure your attorney, or any agent, is accredited by the VA.

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