Why You Need A Power of Attorney

Why would you ever consider giving someone else the power to
manage your health and financial affairs? After all, you’re healthy and don’t
have any concerns. However, if you have a heart attack, stroke or an accident that
leaves you suddenly incapacitated, who will carry out your affairs?

Consequently, you should consider a power of attorney. A few simple steps can
relieve you of worry and your family from the burden associated with the
difficult decisions that come with aging.

What is a Power of Attorney?

A power of attorney is a legal document allowing someone to act on another’s
behalf. A power of attorney can be limited to a specific aspect of your
affairs, such as real estate, health care or finances.

A durable power of attorney stays effective if you become incapacitated,
leaving the person you’ve appointed in charge of your affairs until you regain
the ability to take over, or until your death.

Who Should You Select to be Your Agent?

A power of attorney agent should be someone you trust and feel entirely
comfortable with. It is also important that the person you choose to serve as
your agent is competent to perform the actions at hand.

Setting Up a Power of Attorney

Once you’ve decided that you need a power of attorney and have chosen your
agent, its best to meet with an elder law attorney who can discuss the issues
with you.

A power of attorney can give you great peace of mind. By
completing these documents before you need them, you’ll ensure your wishes are
carried out and your loved ones know what you need them to do for you when you
can’t do those things yourself.

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