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Watch for warning signs that your parents may need help, not just at the holidays, but for the rest of their life.

During the holiday season, many Americans will visit their aging parents. Consequently, this is a good opportunity to check on elderly parents and evaluate whether living at home is still their best option. Therefore, take our advise, and watch for warning signs that your parents may need help, not just at the holidays, but for the rest of their life. Usually, addressing these issues, with your parents is a difficult task. For this reason, you may want to hire a professional care management organization, to help you through the elder care maze. Here are some areas of concern:

  • Confusion – repeat themselves; difficulty remembering major events; issues with finances, not paying bills, overdrafts;
  • Instability – they trip, slip or fall; bruises from falls
  • Weight – illness or malnutrition; chemical issues with certain medications; limited fiancés for food or drugs; health conditions; lack of food and medical supplies;
  • Depression -  loss of independence; changes in physical health; crying easily or excessively; aggression; heightened agitation; disengagement;
  • Disorganized –unsorted mail; FEDEX or UPS boxes laying around; disheveled appearance;
  • Medications – medication management; health problems.


If family members notice any of these changes with there loved ones, they should begin gathering information, discuss their parent’s medical condition with a doctor and assess their parents’ financial situation. Most seniors wish to remain safe and well cared for at home for as long as possible, and options exist to realize their wishes with some advance planning.

Most people think that forgetfulness and confusion are a normal part of the aging. However, this not the case; these may be signs of dementia or other medical condition. Consequently, if you notice any of the above signs, you need to address your concerns with the, doctor and a care management firm, like Senior Life Care Planning.


Our goal is to insure your parents quality of life, either at home with home care, at an assisted living facility; or if they are frail and failing at a nursing home.

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