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Will you Be Responsible For Your Parents Nursing Home Bill?

Everyone with elderly parents visualizes the day their parents become ill and need extended care – from a lengthy hospital stay to 24/7 nursing home care. Parental support laws, of "filial support" may leave the children of these patients with a hefty bill – in the event they should pass away. Many children of elderly parents fear being stuck with an astronomical bill should their parents need long-term health care of 24/7 nursing. The law currently on the books in 29 states and Puerto Rico allow long-term care providers to pursue payment from a parent's adult children. A professor of…

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Are You Going to Pay For Your Spouse’s Nursing Home Care?

A U.S. bankruptcy court finds that a woman who was contractually bound through a nursing home admissions agreement to apply for Medicaid benefits on her husband's behalf and failed to do so cannot discharge the debt owed to the nursing home through bankruptcy. In re Plybon (U.S. Bankr. E.D. Ky., No. 11–10146, March 9, 2012). When Glenna Plybon admitted her husband to a nursing home, she signed an admissions agreement as the responsible party. The agreement stated that Mrs. Plybon was required to pay a co-insurance amount and apply for Medicaid benefits on Mr. Plybon's behalf. Mrs. Plybon applied for…

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How Do You Pay the Nursing Home?

Nursing homes are very expensive, ranging from $7,000 to $12,000 or more a month.