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Some Frequent VA Aid and Attendance Questions

Q. How do I know that I qualify for Aid & Attendance?

    A. The VA will require that your physician fill out a form establishing that the claimant requires daily assistance from others in order to dress, bathe, cook, eat, leave home, etc. The claimant does NOT have to require help in ALL these areas. There simply must be adequate medical evidence that the claimant cannot function alone.

Q. How do I know that I qualify for Housebound?

    A. A physician’s statement is also required for Housebound (and the VA will automatically consider it if the claimant does not fully qualify for A&A). The criteria for Housebound require that the claimant need regular assistance, but is not as limited as the A&A recipient.

Q. How do I know that I qualify for Basic Pension?

    A. A veteran who served in the military 90 days, one of which was during a war is eligible for a basic pension if he meets the net worth and income criteria. The same is true for the surviving spouse.

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