When do your aging parents require to move to an assisted living facility and who can help you?

At Senior Life Care Planning we receive telephone calls from the children of aging parents stating that their parents need and must move to an assisted living facility; what is the best assisted living facility in the area and how much does it cost?  However, before the parents are “shipped off” to the facility, what are your parent’s needs and requirements; is it time for your parents to move; can they stay at home, with or without care; and are they willing to move?

What is really behind the call? Caregiver burnout, frustration, communication issues or not knowing where else to turn, or all of the above? Has the family investigated all the community support systems? Is it really time for mum and dad to move?

If it is time then the family should hire Senior Life Care Planning to investigate the type of care your aging parents may require, independent living, assisted living or nursing home care. All homes and facilities vary, some are “homey,” some are more “institutional,” some are large and some are small. What are your parent’s values and standards so the facility may continue to be a place where they feel valued and comfortable.

A number of professionals take “referral fees” or they used to be called ”kick backs,” so are they working for you, themselves or the facility?

However, having the guidance of an independent professional who doesn’t take referral fees for helping you with this choice will save you extensive time and dollars in making an incorrect choice.  At Senior Life Care Planning we provide you a guide through the elder care maze. We also provide you support to you and your aging parents in making choices based on “reality” of needs and “values.”  Our goal is Peace of Mind for everyone and Quality of Life for your aging parents.

For Senior Life Care’s Assisted Living Checklist please contact our office at CHECKLIST.

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