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Five More Medicaid Myths

1. Myth: “I can find out all I need to know about Medicaid from the nursing home or the Medicaid agency. The Truth: The Medicaid law is very complex and counter-intuitive. It was written by Congress, after all! The nursing homes and Medicaid agencies do not have lawyers to interpret the law in your favor. 2. Myth: “I have to lose my home and everything I own to get Medicaid assistance.” The Truth: A person is permitted to own “exempt property” and be eligible for Medicaid. In addition the “community spouse” is entitled to keep a share of the assets….

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Five Medicaid Myths

My goal is to dispel the Medicaid Myths: 1. Myth: “Medicare will cover my nursing home bill." The Truth: Medicare only covers a small amount of the nursing home care provided in this country. Many older people are surprised to learn this. Medicare provides 20 days of full coverage if you spent at least three days in the hospital and need skilled care (not intermediate level care). Then, if you still need skilled care, you can get up to 80 days of partial coverage from Medicare, the co-pay will usually be picked up by your supplemental insurance. After that, you…

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