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David Wingate was at the Movies.

The Elder Law Office of David Wingate sponsored "Marini and a Movie" to generate awareness of Alzheimers. We showed a James Bond movie – so David Wingate has to change his phone number to reflect this. We had another great night, thanks to all.

Protecting Your Assets from the Nursing Home (Contd.)

Do not think that just because you have a financial power of attorney drafted by a lawyer, that your financial agent has the authority to protect your assets and make these transfers. Your financial power of attorney must have been given the specific authority to make these transfers. The specific authority given to your financial agent in a financial power of attorney must comply with the recent changes in the financial power of attorney statute, which confirmed existing court case law. In order to make transfers to your loved ones and protect your assets, your financial power of attorney must…

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Funding a Special Needs Trust with Life Insurance

Family members often experience a feeling of accomplishment when they sign their special needs trusts (SNTs), but signing trust documents is really only the first step in reaching the ultimate goal. The SNT is just a piece of paper if the clients and their team of advisers (often a lawyer, financial adviser, and accountant) have not planned how to fund the trust. Funding the Trust-Common Alternatives Some families have sufficient assets to fund their SNT by directing their assets into the trust through their estate plans. However, even these families may be concerned about future financial setbacks or long-term illnesses…

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