Should You Hire an Elder Care Attorney?

When a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and requires assistance throughout the day, the spouse and adult children are faced with two choices. First, if you wish to keep that person well cared for in the home; Join the ranks of the 65 million family caregivers in this country and become a full-time caregiver. Or else hire a home-care aide to help with the many tasks throughout the day and night, from bathing and dressing to preparing food and doing housework and laundry. 

Since each of these options has its own drawbacks, many concerned people, especially those who live hours away from their loved ones, turn to Elder Care Attorneys for help.

"Our job," says Beth Wetzel, a care coach of the Elder Law Office of David Wingate "is to help guide our clients through the elder care maze. We help assess the situation and then work out a plan that will meet the physical, social and financial needs. Consequently,  they will have a dignified, safe and enjoyable life." 

The Elder Law Office of David Wingate’s care coaches have their finger on the pulse of all available dementia resources in the community. We understand the financial, home care, facility care and legal issues involved. We are a great aid to newly minted caregivers who are suddenly thrust into the world of dementia care and don't know exactly where to turn for expert advice.   

"We plan to solve the problems of financing the cost of care, and protecting your assets, so you don not run out of money. And while a plan is essential, it is important to note that it's flexible and subject to change depending on the needs of our clients." 

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