Seniors face a myriad of health, finance and legal issues.

Seniors face a myriad of health, finance and legal issues
that can significantly affect their lives and families for years to come. Elder
Law Attorneys understand the unique needs of older adults regarding physical
and mental limitations and navigating the complexities of retirement living and
financial and estate planning.

An elder law attorney can help with the following legal
issues related to seniors:

  • Health
    and personal care planning
    (healthcare decisions, powers of
    attorney, living wills, disability planning, end-of-life care)
  • Financial
    (employment and retirement issues, asset
    protection, estate and gift taxes)
  • Long-term
    care planning
    (long-term care and disability
    insurance, Medicare, resident care facility rights, housing)
  • Guardianship/conservatorship
    capacity, safety and welfare, elder abuse)
  • Estate
    (wills, trusts, probate, funeral preplanning)
  • Family

    (caregiving, planning for spouse, planning for minor or adult special
    needs children, grandparent rights)
  • Public
    (Social Security, veteran’s benefits,

If you are caring for elderly loved ones, it is wise to plan
for both current and future needs, especially those involving legal matters.

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