Primary AL Amyloidosis Now Presumptive to Herbicide Exposure

On February 8, 2012, AL Amyloidosis (Primary Amyloidosis) was put into the Federal Registry (with effective date of March 9, 2012) as presumptive to herbicide exposure. The rating for this condition will be 100% upon award.

Any veteran with this disease who served in-country Vietnam, or on or near the Korean DMZ between April 1, 1968 and August 31, 1971, or on or near military bases in Thailand during the Vietnam Conflict should consider filing a claim. Veterans who served on ships or planes in the waterways or harbors of Vietnam may also be entitled to benefits if they have this disease. For a listing of ships, go to

Surviving spouses of veterans who died of AL Amyloidosis should consider filing a claim for Dependency Indemnity Compensation. As long as the spouse is currently single, she/he may be able to go back on a prior deceased spouse and make such a claim. Once awarded benefits, the surviving spouse can then file for CHAMPVA health benefits and possible burial benefits related to the veteran's death.

Since the herbicide exposure territory is subject to expansion at any given time, veterans and their families are urged to monitor this information on a routine basis.

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