Long Distance Caregiving

Taking care of your aging parent can be difficult, even if you live right down the road. But when you live out of state, those difficulties can grow exponentially. How can you make sure their needs are met? Preparation.

 Visit with a Purpose. If you can, take an extended trip so you have ample time to assess how your parents are coping. Particularly review:

  • Hygiene
  • Eating habit
  • How they’re getting around
  • Their social interaction
  • Are they taking care of their business (bills, medications, etc.)?

Make Arrangements
. If you notice your parent having difficulties, consider getting them a home health aide. The home health aide can help with all the activities of daily living as well as cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, and much more. To help you hire a home health aide see our previous blog.

If your parents cannot care for themselves with additional help, you may consider moving your parents to an assisted living facility. Of course, broaching the subject with your parent may prove difficult. That’s why it’s always better to start this conversation sooner rather than later, see our previous blogs, including address the topic of assisted living before it becomes necessary http://blog.davidwingate.com/2012/02/address-the-topic-of-assisted-liv

Speak to Those Close to Your Parents. Communicate with those close to your parents. For example, speak to their neighbors and friends so they can alert you if they are having any difficulties. Additionally, speak to their doctor to get an update on their physical condition.

Stay in Touch

Living far away from your elderly parent can be emotionally draining. You might even get your parent set up with Skype or a similar program so you can speak face to face via the web. That way you may get a better idea how they look and you can also see the room behind them and take note of its condition.

Do what you can and take a deep breath. You’re taking necessary steps to make sure they are getting the best care possible.

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