If you or your loved one require the services of an Elder Care Attorney who will you call?

Most lawyers do not concentrate only elder care issues. Asking the right questions at a consultation can help you choose the right elder care attorney for your needs.

What Elder Care Services Does The Firm Provide?

Many law firms state they handle elder care cases. However, most firms do not have lawyers or staff who specifically work in the needs of the elderly. Therefore, ask about the firm's attorney and staff, what specifically do they do, Medicaid, Asset Protection, Life Care Planning, Care Advocacy, Veterans Benefits? The State of Maryland and the Federal Government has numerous laws affecting the elderly. Consequently, you need an attorney who is up to date on the most recent elder law changes affecting you and your family, not a “Jack of all trades.”

What Areas of Law Does The Firm Handle?

There are many issues involving the elderly. Be sure to ask about the firm's experience in a variety of areas. Some areas of expertise might include:

 Life Care Planning

Medicaid issues

Estate planning – Wills and Trusts

Durable powers of attorney

Care Advocacy

Living wills

Preservation of assets

Veterans Benefits

Has the Lawyer Been Voted #1 Elder Law Attorney By Other Attorneys?

Because #1 Elder Law Attorney is chosen by other attorneys, this designation is especially impressive; it means that the elder law lawyer you are speaking to is a trusted professional that other attorneys will turn to when the need arises.

Does The Firm Educate Others About Elder Law Issues?

If an attorney regularly gives lectures or has speaking engagements on various issues facing the elderly, you can be sure the attorney has an in depth understanding of these issues. Therefore, look for attorneys who teach others about Life Care Planning, Medicaid, Asset Protection, Veterans Benefits, Estate Planning, and Health Care issues involving the elderly.

Is the Attorney A Member Of Any Relevant Organizations?

There are numerous organizations that focus on elder law issues. Two organizations that focus on the unique needs of the elderly include The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Inc, or NAELA, and the State of Maryland – Elder Law Section.

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