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“You’re Not Alone: Living as an Alzheimer’s Caregiver” Answers to your Questions – Part 5

  1. Find out the 10 coping strategies for mid and late- see page term Alzheimer’s progression – 38
  2. Do you know the 10 coping strategies for mid and late- see page term Alzheimer’s progression? – 38
  3. Who else wants protection in times of prosperity, security in times of uncertainty and comfort in times of crisis? – see page 40
  4. As an Alzheimer’s caregiver you must hope for the best but plan for the worst – see page 41
  5. Exactly why planning ahead for legal matters and care costs should be done now, not later – 41
  6. What are the 5 primary tools of Elder Planning and how can these help you as a caregiver? – see page 42
  7. What are the 5 key documents of Estate Planning every Alzheimer’s caregiver should have? – see page 42
  8. Who else wants to protect assets from long term care expenses? – see page 46
  9. Which Elder Law Planning tools must be created soon after an Alzheimer’s diagnosis or risk needing a court order instead – see page 47
  10. What is a Medicaid “Look- see page Back Period” and why should you care? – see page 49
  11. Why Medicaid planning must be done early and well to avoid wiping out your children’s inheritance – see page 49
  12. How to save $120,000 or more in long- see page term- see page care expenses with expert advice and advance planning – 48
  13. How to maximize “safe harbor” Medicaid planning to protect a non- see page Alzheimer’s spouse – see page 50
  14. Will “estate recovery” wipe out the inheritance you want to pass on to your children? (And how can you avoid this peril?) – see page 51
  15. How gifting laws will affect your Medicaid eligibility and your children’s inheritance (Hint: Expert advice recommended!) – see page 52
  16. Why following the estate planning advice given to your friend or neighbor may be ALL WRONG for you! – see page 53
  17. Find out how to qualify for a Veterans pension EVEN IF you have substantial income – see page 54
  18. Why you should act now to put proper financial and legal planning in place (Hint: Wait too long and the doors to benefits and aid may be closed!) – see page 56
  19. Find out a caretakers role in legal and financial planning after a Alzheimer’s diagnosis – 56
  20. How to ask for and get the help you need as a Alzheimer’s caretaker (Hint: This can be a lifesaver!) – see page 57
  21. Should you “burden” others to help you with the Alzheimer’s caretaker role? (Hint: Help is a blessing to the giver as well as the receiver!) – see page 58
  22. The secret to finding peace and joy in the Alzheimer’s caretaker role (Hint: Doing this may be counterintuitive but a lifesaver.) – see page 59
  23. When should you consult your doctor about the impact of caretaker stress on your health? – see page 60
  24. Are you a caregiver “hero”? Get the help and support you need in this book – see page 67
  25. Who else wants a handy guide to support and resources for Alzheimer’s caregivers? – see page 69
  26. Find out the 10 questions you MUST ask before signing a home health care agreement – see page 72
  27. Who else wants a comprehensive overview of Dementia diagnosis and progression? – see page 93
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