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“You’re Not Alone: Living as an Alzheimer’s Caregiver” Answers to your Questions – Part 2

  1. Are you an Alzheimer’s caregiver? Do you want help navigating the minefield of choices? – see page 2
  2. Find out the truth about how to protect the Alzheimer’s patient and yourself. – see page 3
  3. Who else wants a plan for Alzheimer’s progression based on hundreds of cases and a decade of experience? – see page 3
  4. Does your loved one’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis concern or upset you? Find help and comfort in this book – see page 3
  5. Find out the best strategies to thrive despite being an Alzheimer’s caregiver – see page 3
  6. Find out how to protect your loved one from financial exploitation after an Alzheimer’s diagnosis – see page 4
  7. Who else wants a quick, easy guide to find Alzheimer’s care solutions fast? – see page 3
  8. Find out how to maintain your own life and well- see page being while being an Alzheimer’s care giver – see page 3
  9. Invest just 1 hour reading this book to learn strategies to minimize stress, plan legal matters and care and get valuable resources – see page 4
  10. Are you having difficulty finding the answers you want and the solutions you need? – see page 6
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