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You Are Not Alone – Answers To Your Questions In The Book

  1. 8 types of decision makers: Have you appointed someone to all 8 roles? (And what happens if you don’t!) – see page 40
  2. 6 things you MUST consider when appointing decision makers for your health and finances – see page 41
  3. Exactly when it is a bad strategy to select your family members as your decision makers – see page 42
  4. 4 clues you should rely on professionals (instead of family members) to make decisions about your health and finances – 42
  5. Pitfalls to avoid when naming decision makers for your health and finances. – see page 44
  6. What can happen to you and your family if you don’t select decisions makers in advance? – see page 44
  7. How peace – see page of – see page mind planning will help you AND your family – see page 45
  8. Does your estate plan include care (and support!) of your beloved pet? – see page 47
  9. Avoid this common pitfall: Make sure your plan includes your beloved pet! – see page 47
  10. How to make sure your beloved pet is cared for even when you cannot do it yourself – see page 48
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