What is Dementia?

You notice your loved one or parent forgetting where they left their keys, difficulty balancing their check book, or taking a bit longer to remember someone’s name. Unfortunately, many people believe these events are “age related.” However, it could be more than just age.


Dementia is a progressive decline of a person’s personality, ability to remember and reason. Most people refer to this as Alzheimer’s disease, but Alzheimer’s disease is just one on many illnesses related to dementia.

Dementia is characterized by:

• Memory loss of recent events

• Diminished reasoning ability

• Difficulty in learning new concepts

• Stress levels are high

• Social events prove difficult

• Getting lost in the community and later in the house.

You should evaluate whether you have the time, inclination, or skills to manage the challenges of your parents or loved one’s care.  If you are not sure, call Senior Life Care Planning and we will give honest, independent and professional guidance to help you decide if we may be helpful to you, as you enter the legal, financial, and healthcare maze. You are not alone!

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