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The boomer generation wants to live among other generations they don’t necessarily want to be segregated.

Baby boomers are seeking out communities with culture, activities and events and turning to college towns, urban environments and smaller towns with vibrant downtowns in lieu of continuing care retirement communities (“CCRC”)

The research to date indicates that boomers desire to stay involved and participate in life during their retirement years. Consequently, CCRC’s should change their approach and what programs they offer to Boomers rather than the Depression Era and the GI generation. The boomer generation wants to live among other generations they don't necessarily want to be segregated.

However, this country is not prepared to manage the existing generation never mind the boomer generation to age into their late 70s, 80s or 90s. The government (Medicare and Medicaid) health service is underfunded now. The government cannot afford to pay for the increasing health costs.

Additionally, private entities are sometimes cost prohibitive for most people i.e. private health insurance and long term care insurance. Also, small towns and counties need to deal with transportation issues. If we lose oil, how are we to transport people? The larger metropolitan cities may have subways etc. but what about the rest of the country. Should we not be investing in transportation systems now i.e. rail transportation, now, rather waiting for the crisis. Seniors need access to transportation to keep them in their homes as well as stay socially connected. The focus should not just be “placing” seniors in retirement communities and forgetting about them.

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